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The 5 Breakout Haircut Trends of 2021 for Mens, According to Top Stylists

There are a few reasons why these haircuts are so popular for men.

First, they look good. That’s the goal of a haircut, right?

Second, these men’s haircuts are easy to style. These hairstyles look great with minimal styling time and hair products.

The last reason is they are stylish and in style. Some of these looks are more on trendy than others but they are all fresh and modern. Scroll down and pick out your next look!


1. At Home Haircut For Thick Hair

For some hair types and hair lengths, do-it-yourself hair cutting can be focused on the sides and back while leaving the top do what it does. We’re talking thick hair, medium hair, and messy styles.


2. Men’s Spiky Haircuts At Medium Length

This modern mullet keeps hair medium length everywhere except the faded temples. This is a very cool way to rock some flow.


3. For Curly Hair – Tapered Style

Loose and textured hair is one of the top trends right now. This curly version takes the look to the next level. Try a hair cream for hold and curl definition.


4. For Round Faces + Tapered Sides

There are two things that make round faces look longer. The first is height, like this pompadour, to create an elongated profile. The second is short sides, like this temp fade, that don’t add any width to the face.


5. Long Wavy Hair

Wearing hair long for men takes more than growing hair out. Regular trims keep the shape flattering and ends healthy. This long haircut features staggered lengths around the face.



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